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eventually raise suspicion of the muslim community, making us all less safe. >> in wisconsin, collective bargaining rights stripped from public workers. >> this is about the middle- class and doing it in a way to avoid massive tax increases and layoffs. >> in washington, congress tried to get its budget act together. >> we cannot keep on spending money we do not have. >> in libya, ragtag forces hand on. should the u.s. intervene? and npr's shoots itself in the foot again. >> it is time to push bird bird out of the nest. >> let me say at the outset we are putting this program together on friday just as we are getting the details on the earthquake and to none in japan. we do not have a lot to add except that modern science and technology have enabled officials in hawaii and the west coast of the u.s. to warn residents well in advance. as always, the u.s. navy is ready to respond quickly to events in the pacific with humanitarian relief. beyond that, there is not much we can say at this point. the program is "inside wash.." it has been a long while since a congressional hearing has built up
that will cost us billions of dollars. >> first anniversary of the health-care law. >> a year later, it looks worse than it did then and that is saying something. >> i may be 5'2" and wearing a yellow suit but i am one tough lady. >> we the people will take back our government. >> and what is going on at reagan national airport? >> the tower is apparently unmanned. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> they are not exactly pen pals, but house speaker john boehner wrote a letter to president obama. he has questions, he said, about the american role in libya, our strategy there, the cost, the operation, gaddafi, whether he stays or goes. all these concerns point to a fundamental question -- what is our benchmark for success in libya? how'd you think the president would answer that, evan? >> i wish he would tell us. i often wonder if obama knows. maybe he doesn't have an answer. basically, our policy is to get rid of gaddafi, because if we don't, he is going to attack the united states. this is a scary, a crazy guy. i worry about domestic terrorism if we don't get
the use of all necessary measures to protect citizens in libya. here is susan rice, our u.n. ambassador. >> the security council has authorized the use of force, including enforcement of a no- fly zone, to protect civilians and civilian areas targeted by colonel gaddafi, his intelligence and security forces, and his mercenaries. >> after the u.n. vote, the foreign minister said that the country was declaring an immediate ceasefire and halting military operations. after that, oil prices dropped. meanwhile, the no-fly zone. what about gaddafi's text and artillery? is this too little too late? give it our involvement in iraq and afghanistan, the stepping into this at all, charles? >> it is late, and you have to be serious and hard and early. happening now, what we have produced is a stalemate. for the future we're going to have to protect the rebels. it is going to be an ongoing and long operation, unfortunately. >> mark? >> "the consequences of war or tire and the sacrifices are immeasurable." those are the words of senator barack obama in 2002. i hope if we go in that there will be a con
to be building a boy scout- cub scout vehicle. gives us roughly three months to get this vehicle done. obviously that's a v-6, but we're gonna put a big v-8 in this thing, we're gonna put air-conditioning in this thing, and do a custom interior on it for you. your thinking? sounds great. the car needs to be usable. that's very important, just as though you would take it to a camp. the scouts have two colors, guys. they have the blue and the gold, that's the little guys, that's the cubs, and then they have the bigger guys, and that's the olive and the red. so i personally like the blue and the gold a little better. we're gonna have to have this as a show-quality car, the paint job's got to be good. so that's more important, really, than the colors, but if we can work all the colors in, that's great. he's fast to agree what you guys can do. can y'all get this done? ( all agree ) great, great. everybody's on the page with this? so we got roughly seven days to get fuller ideas on one nice piece of canvas. and then while we're doing that we'll also be disassembling that truck of yours. 'cause that do
. it 20-year-old u.s. marine corps lance corporal matthew snyder died in iraq, non-combat related. and 2006 as friends and family were bearing the marine members of the westboro baptist church of topeka kansas showed up to inform the world that his dad was god's punishment for this nation's tolerance of homosexuality. it held up signs that said, thank god for dead soldiers, and god hates the u.s.a. and thank god for 9/11. the core cause father sued members of the church, for among other things, at inflicting emotional distress. the jury awarded him $11 million and reduced, but the appeals court threw out the verdict and this week the supreme court ruled 8-1 that as hateful as the speech was, it is nevertheless predicted by the first amendment. as "the wall street journal" put it the other day, even jerks are protected by the first amendment. do you agree? >> the court agreed. remember the word and that the? -- empathy. you have candidate for mr. snyder but the course job is not necessarily to have empathy, but to say what the rules are that govern the country. essentially what the
it and then fixing what we found, and he started using a grinder and found a lot of more stuff that we didn't want to find. ( chuckles ) skip rizzo: the blocking-- use something real rigid, flat, long as possible. use sort of course paper to sand, and... they call it blocking because it's flat and it's a block, and it's rigid to where you knock off the tops of the highs. even-- even every coat that you put on, you can't put on perfect. okay, you put it on as even as possible, but you would still knock down the tops until you get it totally flat, and then you do that a couple times, and then you put your main coat for paint. megan clementi: did you see all that dust? it looks like a snow day in florida. i'm looking into some new products to help keep the shop a little bit cleaner. with d.a.'s, one of the key things was dust control. we're getting into a lot of shops now that are going water-based around the nation, and dust is a key issue when you get into water-based. you want a cleaner environment, a cleaner shop. you know, some of even your hobbyists out here will start using water-based, mainly
that they've run into. what i'm used to working on is regular all-out race cars. so they require a different level of mechanical work than what a street car does, street cars have to be softer so they can live on a street environment, than a race car would. this car today is gonna take a lot of work. right now we're trying to figure out the air-conditioning system they're adding into the car wasn't designed for this car, but we're gonna make it work, and also put on a rear suspension system. this car is essentially completely disassembled. now it's just gonna be a matter of putting everything back together. whatever's missing that we can't purchase, obviously for a car like this, it has to be correct, but there are certain things you might be able to fabricate from scratch and make work. ha ha! you would imagine it'd be a really nice street car, there's a lot of good pieces here, so i think this is gonna be a very nice car. megan: now tony's gonna show us some old-school tricks. tony: what they do is... you grab the material, and bang! tony is just about finished with the interior. so what's
it in production. this is a really special project for us. we're excited about it, and we're glad to see that lonnie and john like the work that we've done so far. now it's all hands on deck in the spray booth as we get the gmc carryall lookin' hot. flames are my style. i've been driving those style flames since i was a little kid. and as far as the design, i pretty much let the vehicle tell me where the flames should go. getting ready to lay the boy scout vehicle flame job out. what i'll do to begin is, i'll make some guidelines, put some little marks here and there so i'll have something to go by as far as where things go, so they stay somewhat even. they're not gonna be exactly even, because i free-hand them instead of using a pattern. put little pieces of tape on the vehicle so i can see about how they'll flow. i'll lay this line out so i can have a good distance away from this body line. now we'll do the same thing to the other side. if i see lines that are uneven, we can pull the tape and change it. see, those are way too big, i think. paco: that's what you're looking for, right? y
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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